Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reptile Rascals

Since the boys love reptiles of all kinds, I had to show some shots of the reptiles that they have enjoyed the last few months. The have had many blue belly lizards, 2 ring neck snakes, skinks, and alligator lizards. Sorry we don't have shots of everything. We have asked them to just keep them in captivity for a short time and release them so that they can catch something new and keep the reptiles free and alive :) We have joked about what that the lizards in the area might say if we could hear them when they are captured and later released by Soren and Isaiah. We figured the lizards might be telling their family and friends about the two horrific weeks they spent in the glass prison. How their captors held them and stroked them for hours, left them to starve for days on end and then how they were then let go for what seemed to be no apparent reason. Soren even wrote a story to enter in the Authors Fair about his reptile adventures and titled it "The Three Little Lizards." We are sure it will be a classic someday. Friends that you may not recogize in these shots are Sophia and Elias. Sophia goes to Fall Creek Homeschool with Soren and Elias is her little brother.

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